Programme Highlights

For the full provisional programme kindly view the PDF by clicking on the link above Total 19 CPD Points, Ethic Points to be confirmed

08h30 – 08h50 PLENARY:  Adult Pulmonology
Bronchiectasis: an update on new developments
James Chalmers (UK)
 09h10 – 09h30 PLENARY:  Thoracic
The story of uniportal video assisted thoracic surgery
– Diego Gonzalez Rivas (Spain)
09h30 – 09h50 PLENARY:  Sleep
Sleep in chronic pulmonary disease:  A forgotten dimension
– Walter McNicholas (Ireland)
10h50 – 11h10 SESSION 2:  Adult Pulmonology
Infectious Diseases / Pneumonia
An international perspective on antibiotic resistance in CAP
– James Chalmers (UK)
10h30 – 11h00 SESSION 2:  Sleep Medicine
Sleep apnea & cardiometabolic disease – Walter McNicholas (Ireland)
11h30 – 11h50 SESSION 2:  Paediatric Pulmonology
RSV / Viral LRTI & recurrent wheeze – Eric Simoes (USA)
13h45 – 14h15 SESSION 3:  Cardio Thoracic Surgery Principles
Subxiphoid uniportal major pulmonary resections:  Where is the limit? – Diego Gonzales Rivas (Spain)
14h05 – 14h25 SESSION 3:  Sleep Medicine
New insights into the morning glory of sleep disordered breathing – Prithy Ramlachan
14h25 – 14h40 SESSION 3: Paediatric Pulmonology
Early life determinants of lung disease
Antenatal & early life determinants of respiratory disease –
a South African perspective – Diane Gray
14h45 – 14h25 SESSION 3: Interstitial Lung Disease
Lung transplantation in Cystic Fibrosis
– Cathy Baird
08h50 – 09h10 ETHICS PLENARY:   Ben Le Roux Lecture
Precision medicine & the thoracic surgeon – Alan Sihoe (Hong Kong)
10h30 – 10h50 SESSION 6: Paediatric Pulmonology
Infectious Disease & Neonatal Lung Disease
What’s new in TB – Prakash Jeena
10h30 – 11h00 SESSION 6: Cardio Thoracic Surgery
Video-assisted thoracoscopic mediastinal resections – Diego Gonzales Rivas (Spain)
11h30 – 11h50 SESSION 6:  Adult Pulmonology
Asthma & COPD
Advances in non-small cell lung cancer (NSCLC) since 1980 – Paul Ruff
 13h45 – 14h10  SESSION 7:  Paediatric Pulmonology
Teaching:  Max Klein lecture
What Max taught us – Robin Green
13h45 – 14h05 SESSION 7:  Thoracic Surgery
Management of the CV risk co-morbidities in sleep disorders – Jeff King 
10h30 – 12h30 PARALLEL SESSION:  Hot Topics
Exercise & lung rehabilitation – Thierry Troosters (Belgium)
Macrolides in CAP:  The controversy continues –
James Chalmers (UK)
The importance of sleep related hypoventilation –
Walter McNicholas (Ireland)
 10h30 – 12h30 PARALLEL SESSION:  Paediatric Pulmonology
Chronic lung disease
 HIV associated lung dx – Refiloe Masekela
chILD – Alexia Kappos
11h00 – 12h30 PHYSIOTHERAPY SESSION:  The COPD patient & pulmonary rehabilitation – Jacqui Schewitz